Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Easter Bonnet.... No Way! Easter Candy!

With Easter fast approaching, my sweet tooth is aching.... from too many Peanut M&Ms that is! Okay, you guessed it. Those are MY favorite. It appears Chocolate Bunnies hold their own still. I have compiled an Easter Candy list you might find interesting. What's your favorite? How do YOU eat a Chocolate Bunny?

1. $1.9 Billion worth of candy sold for Easter, followed by $1.4 Billion for Christmas, and $1 Billion for Valentines Day. Yes, Halloween still leads with $2 Billion.

2. According to 76% of Americans polled, 5% of them eat the feet of the Chocolate Bunny first, with 4% eating the tail first. No word on the head first. Any takers? I say Feet, then Tail, then right up the whole thing until it's GONE!

3. Consumers purchase over 700 million Peeps! Favorite colors start with Yellow, then Pink, followed by Lavendar, Blue and White... in that order.

4. Kids ages 6-11 eat Jelly Beans 1 at a time more than all at once, however, Boys are more apt than Girls to eat handfuls. No surprise there huh?

5. Favorite flavors of Jelly Beans are Cherry followed by Strawberry, Grape, Lime, and Blueberry... in that order. I do not eat Jelly Beans.

Let me know your favorite Easter Candy, how you would eat your Chocolate Bunny, and your favorite Jelly Bean flavor! Happy Easter!!


  1. I am avoiding all Easter Candy this year. I've been on a no sugar kick for about a month now.

    HOWEVER, if I *were* to eat a chocolate bunnie, it would be ears first.

    Also about Peanut M&M's. I don't like them. Soooo, I have a large, replica gumball machine on my desk at work filled with them. No temptation there, and people come visit me for the free chocolate!

  2. I am not kidding I weighed myself Sat. and by Sun nite I had put on 7 pounds. Too much candy